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Women Achieving Safety and Hope Ltd (W.A.S.H) is a charitable company that was formed in 2021 with a focus of providing support to women and girls from an ethnic minority background experiencing mental ill health in England and Wales.

The organisation was formed by four professional women from an ethnic minority background, with experience in Health, Social Care and Education, who understand the important influences on ethnic minorities’ mental health like:

Domestic Abuse

Mental health

Racism and discrimination

Covid-19 effects


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If you wish to contribute to the cause, you are welcome to be part of the WASH team. Register with us today and let your expertise be a blessing to your neighbour.

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According to rethink.org, black women are more likely to experience a common mental illness such as anxiety disorder or depression. Older South Asian women are an at-risk group for suicide. These and other issues have led to the establishment of an organisation by women who understand and have experienced these issues.

Fundraise and apply for eligible grants to fund operational costs.

Link in with mental health services and signpost beneficiaries of the group to these.

Engage with beneficiaries in the shaping of services available.

Provide online and telephone befriending services.

Undertake awareness campaigns via our website and social media platforms in relation to mental illness and wellbeing of women and girls from ethnic minority groups


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